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Aftermarket Auto Accessories

aftermarket auto accessories
Let Kool Rides help you accessorize your car. We know where to get the highest quallity components and the best deals on aftermarket accessories.

Changing the look of your car is a great way to add elegance and stylishness to your ride. You can easily enhance your car to make it unique by simply adding aftermarket accessories to personalize the front grille, interior and exterior components. Aftermarket car accessories from Kool Rides can do a lot to make your car unique to you. All accessories are special ordered for your year , make, and model. We want you to have what you really desire, not having to sacrifice with what is on store shelf at other places.

Angel Lights

Although there are many ways you can enhance your car, one easy way is to add custom aftermarket grilles to enhance the appearance of the front end. There are huge selections of aftermarket grilles that can be used to personalize your car; these include billet grilles, chrome mesh grilles, honeycomb style grilles and many others including designs by E&G Classics, T-Rex and Precision Grilles. Whether it's a billet grille design or a simple mesh pattern, the front grille can say a lot about you and your car. Custom grilles give your car a distinct, personalized look that sets you apart from the crowd.

chrome accents

When it comes to your ride, you deserve the very best! Many people like the look of a vehicle with a lot of polished chrome. Chrome trims look good on door handles, mirrors, rocker panels, taillight, pillar post, grills and just about anywhere else on a car. There are also interior accessories to make the inside of your car feel more like home. Other popular accessories include LED interior lights, custom floor mats, pedal covers, steering wheel covers, seat protectors, sunshades, dash covers and wood dash accent trims just to name a few.

pin stripes

Water transfer printing

We even offer Water Transfer Printing. This unique process can be applied to any paintable surface. Water Transfer Printing is an affordable way to give your car a total customized appearance.

There are other functional car accessories out there for you. There are GPS navigation units, enhanced antennas, in seat DVD players, rear-view backup cameras, or park-assist sensors. For example, rear view cameras allow you to see behind your car making backing up and parallel parking much easier. Plus GPS units make it easy to find your way to new destinations and make sure you can always find your way home, no matter where you go.

stereo upgrades

Since we spend most of our time in our vehicles, it makes unqualified good judgment to make it as comfortable and appealing as possible. Keep in mind, too many accessories will turn a simple work of art into a circus. Pick the right interior, exterior accessories that are compatible with your customizing scheme.

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